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Sookie's Hair Salon is your Chico California Certified provider of Hairlocs© Premium Hair Extensions.

The Hairlocs Difference

Sookie's Hair Salon

Quality - We start with 100% human hair and combine it with the safest and easiest extension system available.

Easy Application - Apply without glue, heat, sewing or braiding - easy on you and your stylist.

Easy Takedown - Take down in a fraction of the time of regular extensions without hair damage or discomfort.

Safe and Worry Free - Safe for all hair types so you are free to color, perm and wear your favorite styles - even use hot tools without concern.

Value - Hairlocs extension hair is re-usable over several years of applications so you save money.


Why Hairlocs?

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Sookie's Hair Salon

The Hairlocs© Hair Extension System starts with the finest, 100% Russian and European Hair.  The hair is applied using a simple, unique method by a Certified Hairlocs Stylist, using our patented “Hairloc.”  Unlike other methods, the process uses no braiding, sewing, heat or glue, making The Hairlocs© Hair Extension System painless and the safest choice for hair enhancement.

Our product is internationally known for our quality and we take pride in our thousands of worldwide customers.   From our Film and Television Celebrities preparing for a new shoot, to a wedding makeover, or just adding some spice and color for a fresh new look, The Hairlocs© Hair Extension System’s versatility is unmatched .

Only The Hairlocs© Hair Extension System uses no machines, glue, heat, or complex weaves and braiding that can damage your real hair, hair follicles and scalp.  Our Certified Hairlocs Stylists are highly trained professionals, located globally.  Cannot find a stylist on our site in your area, give us a call or send an email and we will have one come to you.


The Hairlocs© Hair Extension System is the safest method of hair enhancement.  Have a fun color you would like try for the first time, want highlights without the chemicals, have special needs?   Our production facility works diligently to ensure your order is perfectly cut, colored, and matched to your needs, every time.  Our customers are repeat customers, because The Hairlocs© Hair Extension System is easily removed for maintenance, can be further tailored by your stylists, and can be reused, extending the life of your investment, saving you money. Our customers enjoy very low maintenance and an enduring new look.


A major advantage of The Hairlocs© Hair Extension System is its compatibility with all hair types.  This method can also be used to attach other hair pieces such as wefts and custom fitted pieces.  The Hairlocs© Hair Extension System even works for men and teens.  Other methods of gluing and sewing may prove harmful to your own hair, which creates tension and stress, possibly hair loss.  The Hairlocs© Hair Extension System is the safest method for all types of hair, because it was initially designed for fine and fragile hair, and does not require solvents to remove, making our system the #1 Hair Extension System.


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Frequently Asked Questions - Hairlocs Hair Extensions

How does it work?

The Hairlocs Hair Extension System starts with 100% human hair from Europe. It is then applied using an unique cold application by a certified stylist. Unlike other methods, the process uses no chemicals, sewing, heat or glue and is completely safe and painless to apply.

Will it damage my natural hair?

With Hairlocs, there is no tension, stretching, chemicals or heat used during the application or the take down process. Hairlocs are the safest extensions available today.

Will the hair match my color and texture?

Absolutely. Your certified Hairlocs specialist will match your color and texture perfectly. Custom blending is our specialty!

How do I care for my extensions?

With Hairlocs, you can color, perm and style your hair like normal. Even use your favorite hot tools like flat irons and hot curlers.

Can you see them?

The extensions are always applied behind the hair line and away from the natural partings. The unique shells are color matched so they blend naturally with your hair and are virtually undetectable!

How long do they last?

With regular maintenance, the life of your extensions is up to you. Most people can go up to 3 months before needing any service on their hair.